How to Transfer PowerBoat Guide PDF to an iPad

Step 1: Make sure you have the "Adobe Acrobat" app installed on your iPad. The app is free, but you'll need to set up an account with Adobe to use it.

Step 2: Using your computer, open the email we sent containing the download link, then click on the link. In a moment, a new window will open with the PowerBoat Guide logo at the top. Clink on the yellow "Click here" text.

Step 3: When the download is finished, place the PowerBoat Guide PDF file in your Dropbox folder.

Step 4: Open the Adobe Reader app on your iPad. Select "My Documents" and navigate to your Dropbox account.

Step 5: When the PowerBoat Guide Welcome page appears, select the small book icon (bottom, right) to view the bookmarks.


Follow these steps to transfer the PowerBoat Guide PDF to your iPad.

Note: You must have a Dropbox account before getting started.